Writers Block

An addict with a pen
who don’t know where to begin
with the words that should be heard
or said and read aloud
to the ears of a particular crowd.
Lost in my mind way behind
a sublime synchronicity stashed somewhere serene
inside the city center.
Unable to think
while enduring the sounds
of scribbled ink.

8 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Begin at the beginning, to write one must write! Thats my mantra. Everyone always makes the writing process so complicated but I’ve come to find that if the writing process actually prevents me from writing, well then whats the point of the process?

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  2. You know, for some reason, poems about writer’s block tend to be so two-faced: they end up being good themselves, but the condition is often not cured by them.

    Still, what a beautiful description of this frustrating condition.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading. I would agree with you. The condition is a challenge that we’ve all got to figure out how it best works for us 😉

      I’ve learned to keep everything I write and when I have “writer’s block” I go and polish some other writing ✍️


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