Empty Hole

*Best read sideways on mobile devices*

I can feel it,
pissed at something
I can’t control
missed the signals
down deep in my soul
can’t fight it, can’t deny it
can barely hide it
down in the middle
of an empty hole

In my head
feeling dread
lost a friend
to some end
no longer see or could be
your better half
not my path to walk
no room to judge or talk
here I go from below
what I know I’ll gladly show
found the flow and broke the chains
freedom from
what hate remains
set me free and soon I’ll see
the tragedy,
and harmony.
Sol Seed helped to find this
rhythm inside of me
no longer trapped
with a spiritual dichotomy
maybe, I should say
we could pray every day
to sustain our way along any path
just use simple math
to obtain the staff of life
and attain eternal peace within
or gain release from our sin
breathe out then in
And begin life again.

I still feel it,
deep in my soul
can’t fight it,
can’t deny it
trying to hide it
But it takes its toll.

© Sean Short 2018

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