Frankie’s World

*Best read sideways on mobile devices

Here I am,
this green kingdom of mine!
A little world to call my own!
Tucked away and all alone.
Territory to mark.
Strange dogs that bark and run away.
I just want to sniff and play!
But I’m glad I get to have my human here to stay.
He needs me to take care of him every day.
If I don’t he’ll surely stra…
Oh look!

© 2018 Sean Short

9 thoughts on “Frankie’s World

      1. He is adorable! I had a Boston Terrier, Chauncey, from 2004 until a few years ago. I named him after Chauncey Billups the year the Pistons won the NBA championship 🙂 Never had a dog like him before and will never have another like him again. He was one of a kind. Frankie looks like he has the same kind of joie de vivre that Chaunce had ❤


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