Un Titere

*Best read sideways on mobile devices*

There I stared…
Nervous as hell and afraid to tell
how I fell for her.
The hazel stare and blank glare
silently said, “Bless your heart,
but I don’t care…”
So at the end of the day, I have to say
“…go your own way, it doesn’t matter where.
Simply put,
I won’t be just your brother or friend, in any affair.”
That illusion was shattered when I saw the strands
which dangled from your hands above.
Stitched to your soul with a hypocritical awl
and a warped sense of love that only insecurity brings;
But any strings sewn to my wings
will continue to sting and cause strife.
Therefore, I must cut the lines with a knife
and purge a part of you from my life
just to avoid the future strife
and past pain that surges
when the sound of your siren song steers
my odyssey off course.

© 2018 Sean Short

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