Dear, Sean

Dear Sean,

You are grateful to be alive and here. Thirty-three trips around the Sun! That’s quite a feat! Know that life is not about how many revolutions but about the impression and growth provided by the sunlight. It’s about the growth of yourself and the growth of others. You have begun a path of personal transformation that will not only be challenging but fulfilling as well.

The past has been quite the adventure! You saw the evil, violent part of yourself flourish. A side of you that almost killed your father and threatened to imprison you for a long time. That evil person was a conflicted and hurt individual that depressed his true self with alcohol, guilt, fear, and isolation. This led you back to a familiar setting but with a whole new perspective. You wanted to die, to take your own life. But you chose life. You chose to reaffirm your spirituality. You chose to take a rigorous and thorough look at your life with an attitude of humility and position of honesty. You chose to go to any length to change and be a better man.

Change has come with both difficulty and success. Most of the difficult changes are those that have to do with emotional growth. You’ve grown a lot in just a year. Your spiritual growth has truly blossomed. Do not neglect these two aspects even though growth is slow and difficult. That maturity allows you to have success in the rest of your life. You are a master of conflict. You have great physical poise – you take care of yourself. You have a very calming, wise and lighthearted presence. You are passionate about cannabis, food, and substance abuse/mental health as well as trying to experience life with a childlike wonder. And most importantly, your purpose is to love, grow food, teach and help others and to be with your soul-mate. Whoever she may be, you’ll soon see. You’ll each make the other a more complete person – that’s called synergy.

This year will also remind you of your brother, may he rest in peace. You loved him deeply and he was your soul-mate. Do not get down on yourself because of the choices he made. Honor him, love him and remember him. Cry when you need to cry, Scream when you need to scream. Laugh when you need to laugh. That’s all you can do sometimes, especially if you want to stay on your path…



8 thoughts on “Dear, Sean

  1. Lovely post Sean, recovery and personal growth is never easy but with hard work and determination it’s acivable, hear’s to the future Sean 😀 may all your dreams become reality. ❤️✌️


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