Fish Poop Poem

*Best read sideways on mobile devices

What is it that I really know?
I’d like to say it’s the way plants grow, or
that I like to don my winter gear and play in the snow, maybe
perhaps, it’s how to write really well, no…
The answer?
Don’t laugh.
Fish poop, that’s what I best know.

Realistically and specifically, the exploitation of a cycle called nitrification
A naturally and aerobically occurring process of which nitrogenous life depends
Ammonia waste from fish urine and gills is used by bacteria for making nitrite and nitrate.
Now, it’s more of the latter and less of the bladder that urea is found.
Nitrite is toxic, it makes fish anoxic,
by binding to blood where oxygen is bound
Nitrate is what’s needed, to make plants completed
starting first as fish feed
High-density cultivation will reveal, a high protein diet of a pelletized meal.
Manipulation of the principles of water purification are last of what I need
Two crops grown from what I’ve sown
In a concept called Aquaponics

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