American Refugee

*Best read sideways on mobile devices*

Now I think it’s kind of wild,
That most people be in denial,
About the situations,
of people in different stations.
To those
Locked up, incarcerated;
shackles on, not emancipated.
Living in the shadows of society;
all class, creeds, and varieties
Being watched-panopticism;
under the eye of despotism.
Spirits broke, Souls choked, Minds yoked
A world created, a people berated, authority hated,
But dissent satiated
With games and TV.
From the streets we come,
addicted to dope, booze or some pill
No worry my friend just stand at the end
of this line to receive your fill.
Open wide and down it goes, crushed whatever nobody knows
Just accept your fate and be a good inmate.
Days upon days away from the world, now isolated
The passage of time becomes dilated.
Due process is thwarted
because justice is aborted without knowledge of one’s own rights.
“Let’s be real”, the DA says, “just take the deal
You can’t make bail
is your ticket to life outta jail”.
But before you think, your names down in ink
And the guard’s callin’ your name to pack up your shit.
Freedom abound, there’s no more fucking around
You’re just happy to say
“I’ve escaped an Orwellian Groundhog’s Day”.
But the deal that was signed
Is soon to remind
Of what is really a pseudo-freedom.
Certain trips abroad no longer allowed
Except, as part of that YouTube crowd.
Forever destined to pass up
a potentially lucrative job
Because of a box to be checked
that’s designed to rob
A person, of their dignity.
And to remind them of what the nation fails to see
That our justice system creates an American Refugee.

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