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This is a world we all know.
To sit around and bounce
while the fingers flow away at QWERTYs command.
No say in how to lay out the letters on the board of unlimited language.
Why does QWERTY’s way get the say in all the English language?
From the ringing and singing of metal smacking paper
to the flat mat of rectangular characters.
The faster you peck away and hustle at the tic-tac fray
the more things you can put in your pocket at the end of the day.
Because it’s about productivity, not enjoyment of labor.
To make ends meet
we must add ones to zeros
and digitally store our fiat currency in some cloud not floating in the air
but found locked up in a warehouse.
What a wonder for us all but not many question or even care.
So long as the stuff we really want
is right there in front of our faces
put on as a facade by puppeteers
hooking us with the most addictive drug on earth.
A reality explicitly created for an audience, any audience.
The power of imagination
used and abused to herd the sheeple from the cross or Quran to a new digital steeple.
Safe spaces in an imagined geography
where politically correct means whatever you want it to be.
In an instant or even faster,
everything could be changed based on an algorithm
or the mal-intent of some failed prodigy
sent by someone else’s puppet master.
Tactics used to dissuade and distract us
from voicing a united word of humanity
that fails to see there is more to this world than the ideas we disagree about
or the color of our face.
We are all living beings that co-exist in a shared space
and will only survive if we embrace a simple fact it seems we all have missed.
Us pitiful humans can’t seem to understand
that ignorance of natures laws has got Mother Earth pissed.
We can pray that all the terrible suffering goes away.
We can fight to save others who chose to stay.
Or even use all of our technology to avert the disaster for another day.
There are a myriad of ways we could try
to keep getting it wrong
which is easy when we focus on the problem.
There will never be a solution
so long as the mental pollution of naivety
runs rampant among the masses.
Billions bound to the delta state of worldly consciousness
whereas a thin herd of humans traverse theta
awaken in alpha
and gain boundless abilities in beta and gamma.
A vibrational diorama of enlightenment and bewilderment,
those almost awake, yet most dead to even a dream.
No waking nudge from a nightmare
Crippled by the thousand forms of fear.
A feeling and force so strong
that we are afraid to even wake up and belong to the human race.

Thankfully there is no need to fear
because QWERTY is here to scribble on the screen
letters leave little clues for others
and show that words do mean more than the limits of language

© 2018

10 thoughts on “QWERTY

    1. It’s crazy how we’ve grown up with a keyboard. Even now my thumbs tap away at the tiny qwerty lol Thanks for reading! 📖 😃


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