Finger to Key

*Best read sideways on mobile devices*

Where would we be without the written word?
Pen to paper will become finger to key
or something just as silly.
Who really knows though?
The pen still sits among office supplies
and it seems that a new kind
flies off the R&D floor
faster than sound itself.
Where are all these people that actually write?
There’s evidence in pen production
but the written words I see
are illegibly sprayed in paint on a wall
or the side of a train.
In the notebooks of school kids
or scribbled and framed portrayals of the acclaimed.
Perhaps poverty is relegated to a pen and paper
whereas the wealthy carry-on conversations with keyboard strokes.
Construction of language at a phenomenally fast rate.
A huge advantage to becoming part of societies upper echelon.
But considering the calamity caused by too much information,
it seems the fast pace prevents people from critical cogitation.

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