The First

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Found this ‘lil “gem” written in a notebook from 2009. This is the first poem I purposely wrote.

Sometimes I just don’t know how to say
how I feel,
each and every day.
I close my eyes but still look around.
Sit and talk to myself,
not making a sound.
Pace about my life,
wearing in a groove.
Other times I lie still,
not wanting to move.
I watch the world while reflecting inside.
Only a journal to which I confide.
Constantly reading because I want to know more,
wanting to be remembered by stories of lore.
Like the times I am a changing man,
Living a new lifestyle every way I can.
Looking now to do a good deed;
Showing others that now I can lead a new life
full of hope and joy.
The thoughts in my head may seem crazy to some.
What scares them the most is they know I’m not dumb.

I live in a reality uniquely my own.
A world hard to describe,
and rarely shown.
I use my wits to figure life out,
Making decisions without casting a doubt.
Living along a philosophy of fun,
I make sure to remember all I have done.

So every morning I wake to the rising light.
Knowing that every little thing
is going to be alright.

© 2018

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