Prairie Glow

*Best read sideways on mobile devices

Orange arising out of the darkness.
Far away and for miles it goes.
Fiery breath from the Earth like lava it glows.
Pillowy plumes of white and red hues
hang low and utterly confuse.
What is it we see?
A fire?
It can’t be!

The Earth must be pissed and shaking her fist
while spewing a molten duvet.
Really? No way!
That can’t be the case.
It’s obviously an alien craft
crashed from outer space.
See the scurrying red and blue?
They’re totally in on it too!

Oh dear,
here comes the fear.
The paranoia kicks in the closer we get near.
Without hesitation I endear a Note
dictating the words of which I wrote:
“Strange gleaming fire thing east of Kersey
Cant handle this
unknown glaring spring or controversy.

Lord have mercy!
Just relax and step back
it’s definitely thousands of flares
there are no Men in Black.
Well…that’s not a fact.
Surely a spark from an electrical sting
gave the prairie an epic offering.
But nevertheless, the Earth was pissed
as life vanished beneath the sagebrush mist.

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