Calm Waters

*Best read sideways on mobile devices

The surface of the sea will change
depending upon
the environmental range.
Calm equals smooth waters.
Chaos creates Davy Jones’ slaughter.
Cosmic causes and Earthly events
introduce energy into the water,
but the sea transmits this energy
with relatively little change to integrity.
The undercurrent will stay stable
and simply enable the surface to swell.
Waves wobble in a seemingly serene fashion.
As if there is no turmoil,
even though there is.
This energy is visibly violent and chaotic
yet unseemly silent and hypnotic
while crashing into something else.

Water may be an analogy
for life’s chaos unseen
or the chaos that must be.
Take notice to witness what will happen
once the waves land on shore.
The chaos unleashed
is just a final release
of our inner uproar.

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