crippling cogitation

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Depression overwhelms at times.
It brings a state of mind that knows only the darkest of the heart.
Thoughts that lament over the lingering past.
A lack of hope for the present and the future.
Cogitation that not only cripples the soul but the body as a whole.
It stifles all desire and willingness to go forward with life’s obligations.
It consumes with no regard for the world’s situations.
Thankfully we see that it can be partially overcome with an abundance of support and daily reminders that life is truly a blessing with spectacular unknowns ahead.

© Sean Short 2018

15 thoughts on “crippling cogitation

  1. Yes it can!
    For what it’s worth I finally got a handle on my depression & anxiety (& eventually it just disappeared) by meditating. Learned to get out of my head (& first that I was living only up in my squeaky noggin.)
    It taught me to exist from my core, my heart, so I moved my being, my existence, to my core, my heart.
    There is just love there.
    🎉You are an electro-magnetic symphony of magical abundance🎉 Never forget that 😉 And one way to ensure that you don’t is through meditation by connecting with consciousness & you start having those telepathic conversations with the Universe, it’s pretty incredible stuff. We haven’t spoken in awhile .. busy with some downloads so to speak LOL I got some incredible information last night .. confirmations, epiphanies, synchronicities, I love it.
    I love this 🎊magical world🎊

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    1. Haha downloading eh? Sounds fantastic. You write so much truth, and not just here! I only wish meditation would fix the biochemical imbalances as well. Still working on my neigong…so soon 😉


  2. This is a very powerful poem. I have a friend who suffers from depression. I think they would relate to this poem and your work in general. I am going to direct him to your blog post. Thank you for bravely sharing your feelings. -Jill

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