SO Tired

So tired.
Both physically and mentally. 
I feel like I’m young. 
Not meant to see 
the reality
of being aged and sore. 
But it creeps upon me each day,
this cloak of Father Time
It falls on me and forces me to carry the weight of some heavy canvas. 
Trapped under a shroud, 
lost and feeling around, 
the only sure thing is the ground
that is beneath my feet. 
Effort just to stand in this veiled world.
Sometimes I just want to lay down 
and let the cloak comfort me. 
Blissfully sleep away time. 
Then there are those times 
I just want to cut away and shear 
the veil of fear 
and uncertainty that smothers me. 
I stab at the shroud
like a psychopath with a knife.

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