Let The Anger Go

The pain and shame remain the same
as they were not long ago
when I lost myself
and let the anger go.
The fear of losing things
consumed the ego
into a violent throw.
A juvenile effort
to show where it is in life
that that one needs to grow.
I know,
there is no woe as me
or self-pity to blame.
Only a clear recognition
of who I became
when I made the choice
to do ANYTHING to change.

© Sean Short 2022

2 thoughts on “Let The Anger Go

  1. Good rhyme and lament. Is anger an organic thing? Fear of destruction begins with chemical signals and a defensive response. Perhaps the evolution of chemical signaling leads to a consciousness that becomes “anger” intended to evoke a preservation response. Plants make lots of poisons. That must be their anger — a somewhat passive response. “Anger” in animals is often uncontrollable. In humans it depends on how reflexive it is and how fast it happens before some rational control has time to moderate and interrupt. But some of the emotions of the subconscious are animal-like. So, anyway, care to add more details and story-line to your poetry? Just a thought. But of course it can be fiction.

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    1. Thank you. It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I wanted to just get something out. Though it does reflect my life, I like your suggestion to add more depth as I continue to write.

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