First ‘First Friday’

Happy Aloha Friday!

And welcome to my first ‘First Friday’ post! I would like to dedicate this day to short essays. I had originally hoped to write an essay a week. The goal was to maintain healthy writing habits by writing regularly but something else has taken precedent…

I wrote a book! Well, I finished the manuscript and started the tedious editing process. It has taken the better part of 3 years to handwrite, type, rewrite, type, reformat, etc… The point is many revisions have been done and the work is finally ready to stand on its own. The goal is to have it in print by the end of the year! I have employed the help of some friends to critique and share their views. Criticism and advice, while challenging, can be extremely helpful!

What’s it about you ask? It’s a book on recovery based on my experience as an alcoholic in order to help other addicts find the hope and strength to make changes in their lives. Many of us encounter struggles as we go through life. The drink tore apart my family, broke my bones and shredded my soul. Alcohol and drugs have destroyed countless numbers of lives in similar ways. Often our past haunts us, and the addiction takes its toll.  The past can be very dark and painful, but our mistakes and successes are the seeds to become better people. The journey through personal growth helps us find the strength and hope to change. I am eager and anxious to share my journey with the world!

18 thoughts on “First ‘First Friday’

    1. I look forward to this work. I know of many of your struggles but am sure there is enlightenment to be had with the read Love u man. ❤️🌈

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    1. Thank you! I still surprise myself on a regular basis. I’ve learned that our struggles can be the raw material for becoming a better person. Hope to share that and help others 🙂

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