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Is it?

When I don’t know, I just let go.
To myself I say
“Don’t let it bother you”
But of course
it makes emotional sobriety falter too.
The scenarios play over and over in my thoughts
no rhyme, reason or feasible condition
for my suspicion.
Just another chance meeting
without apparent deeper meaning.

My time and energy
is mine, not theirs to see
or waste with haste
and chased away
by uncertainty.
Just pick up the book and take a look
into the mirror of your mind
and you’ll see that you find
the motivation and inspiration
for contemplation and true elation.
Put on the beat and move your feet
because life’s a dance that you must do
and not simply complete.

My strength of character draws from a bank
not filled with gold, frankincense or myrrh
but from within.
So I begin and end each day
with a mantra I say
that sounds like I pray
but in fact I say
an affirmation
to guide my day
to give information
to learn the Way
and show how
I must commune with the Eternal Tao.

Consistent persistence,
a constant existence,
a concept enlisted
to achieve resistance
from drowning within this
confabulated crisis.

Reflection on the goals in my life
and the dreams that stream through my mind at night
show that the far light at the end of the tunnel
is not dull but bright.
So I strive for perseverance and perfect adherence
to the principles known for success.

Gratitude, faith, honesty,
desire, patience, humility,
tolerance, compassion, and sobriety.
Traits shown to refute and transmute
the acute but mild
sensation of denial
that can run for a while
and even sprint a mile
like a cheetah in the wild.

Though, when the thrill is over
and the kill is caught,
doubt recedes and rapidly proceeds
to sound thought.

© 2017

10 thoughts on “Rejection?

      1. I remember believing in/being attached to the word rejection when I was younger – taking it so personally, wondering what was wrong with me etc etc I think it’s because for myself I was just so attached to everything I defined myself with these labels and these things and took things personally. In my opinion young girls such as myself who come from broken homes and some abuse and some trauma and just not a good up bringing or a good foundation – I was so desperate for love that I would latch onto every guy thinking he’s the one LOL so silly .. when I woke up I stopped attaching to everything, stopped being attached to outcomes & adopted the mantra “Doesn’t Matter.” It’s so freeing; now I appreciate people friends bfs whatever for the amount of time they come into your life. I appreciate it if it’s 1 year 3 years or 10 because sometimes people grow together and sometimes they don’t 😊

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      2. I like that attitude and mantra! I’m still learning to not take it so personally and to let go of my attachments as well. Though sometimes life just throws a bunch at once and we have to deal. I wrote this after getting led on by a pretty neat lady, multiple first dates and subsequently being told I was over-qualified for a job. The poem helped me to reflect that I am most challenged with love and career/passion type rejection. I have since adopted the idea that its better to get rejected than to live with regrets but I still harbor some fear of rejection…

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  1. Hey, we’re always learning, growing, getting a little better, a little wiser, as we go through life 😊 I found, at least in my experience, that everybody you encounter can be both a teacher & student simultaneously, so I try to stay chill n enjoy the good times, not be upset at the bad times – those challenges & hardships are the things that shape you & give you strength, build character 😉😄
    So I wax up that surfboard & surf those waves of life, trying to stay afloat lolll Not attached to any outcomes, just enjoying the ride 😎
    ‘ they’ say it’s not about the destination it’s the journey right LOL

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  2. Beautifully written. I love the musicality of the rhymes. You are great at double-rhyming. Ever tried to read this poem at an open mic? It can only cause great sensation. BTW, I have just seen you are multitalented with your scientific and humanist backgrounds. Do you still live in Hawaii?

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    1. Thank you so much! I don’t know what I’m doing as far as poetry, I just hear it in my head and make it up 🙂 I’m back at home in Northern Colorado. I love this place!!

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