Daily Reprieve

The daily reprieve I find in my pen
Helping to clear scrambled thoughts in my head.
They are like clouds in the sky
just passing by
Formless shapes awaiting definition.
At times I hope there should be
a plane in the air so I can see
words spelled out in smoke.
Instead, I must simply gaze and ponder
and allow my pen to hectically wander
Making marks on a blank background
It crosses out this and rewrites that
it fills up pages of ideas it just shat
but like a levee that breaks
and the river that wakes
the pen begins to show
a sense of divine inspiration
in which concepts just flow
The clouds become recognizable
they are storms
of feelings and emotion
that elucidate the notion, that
Escape while holding a pen
is a terribly wonderful way
to appreciate each day again.

3 thoughts on “Daily Reprieve

  1. Ahh yes, I know that feeling .. when I totally let go, & connect, I just flow. I sometimes feel like the Universe is expressing itself through the words seemingly channeled through me. And now the memory of when I first heard about being a ‘channel’ floats on in – it was Jason Mraz, one of my favorite singer/songwriters – he’s always amazed me with his wordplay 🙂 He really knocked my socks off & then some. I’ve seen him 6 times in concert now. First time I ever saw him was on SNL ages ago, performing ‘Geek in the Pink.’ I slid off my couch with my mouth gaping open as I repeated omg wow as I heard that sweet little ditty. First time EVER, I was at the record store manana para comprar todo que puedo de el. I can still rap the entire thing word for word to this day. (You know I’m gonna hafta play it now) 😛 Song after song, his words, his depth, his wisdom, his love, made me swoon .. the lyrics of “Bella Luna” are still so incredibly romantic; the playful funkiness of ‘Dynamo of Volition,’ not to mention ‘I’m Yours,’ You & I Both,’ ‘The Remedy’ & countless others. I couldn’t believe how much goodness was coming out of this one person. In an interview he stated (prob helped me along in my awakening) that the songs were not his – he was merely a channel that the songs came through, for us. Called himself a .. what’s the word .. not tool loll Nope, wrong word – I wanted to say a tool of the Universe, but sounds like Universal Tool.
    A Beacon? A Bridge? Oooh a channel?!

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    1. There a book this cool old lady wants me to read called ‘Conversations with God’ about a lady whose writing is divinely inspired. I also love Mraz. One of the first songs I learned was ‘I’m Yours’. He has just a way and you said it. Who are you?!? 😉

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