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The crinkling crackle on the pavement as the leaves blow by;
just stuck wondering while gazing at the sky.
Our sun faintly flickers from something dead and dry.
The lifeless leaves have escaped their trees
as they senesce and die.
No one really knows how or even why.
Science sells us all sorts of stuff,
most of it I buy.
We use tools to study nature’s rules
which become all we deify.
But the limit of our mind is humankind’s greatest alibi.
There’s a myriad of many things
we can’t measure or quantify.
Like proving a negative
or the amount of matter in total supply.
Even faith in the unknown is something
we will gladly crucify.
it’s the Uncertainty
which we cannot deny
an intuitive truth that comes
While we stare consciousness
deep into the eye.

© 2018 Sean Short

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