Stark Raving Sober

*Best read sideways on mobile devices.

Built in my brain and down in ink
Squandering and pondering
countless hours to think about
connections made solely on hope.
Expectations erected from false feelings
first seen as a sincere longing for belonging
deep behind blue eyes.

Clearly my view is skewed
because I obsess and feud
with my projections and fabricated lies.
At first I thought I could not be caught
thinking the things I reviled.
But after a while, I woke from denial,
MY ignorance ought not be fought.

Do I, fight or flight?
Am I, wrong or right?
‘Cuz I, long to light
a strong and bright
fire to ignite the consuming desire
that blocks the forest from the trees.

Lo queiro ahora but now’s not for me
Rendirse al Dios and now I’m free
To explore
and incorporate more
associations without expectations.
Since false hope leads to resentment
and distracts from the contentment
promised to one who is honest and thorough

fuck that fantasy borough
like the ones found in the land of Oz.
Merely fictional trials and tribulations
absent of apparent cause!
Perhaps, I must pause
before I click each heel to reveal
the waking world
should I slip the Ruby Red’s
back on a witch which isn’t even dead?

But, it must be said…
I’m quite confused and acting a goof
checklists everywhere but still aloof
like cleaning washed clothes or
washing cleaned clothes or
even liable to misquote the Bible
possibly preaching fables
like Jesus building the Ark or
Mark saving Job or
maybe I’m mad or
stark raving sober?

© 2018 Sean Short

31 thoughts on “Stark Raving Sober

  1. Great Poem, thanks for sharing. I think sometimes we’re more stark raving when we are sober. I like to get drunk on Jesus, then I become coherent. Then, I get over the sober.
    Technically that doesn’t rhyme but the less-than-purist like me would use it. Teehee.
    Keep writing,

    Liked by 1 person

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