High Plains Summer

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Summertime on the High Plains
Decent into the bowels of triple-digit days
rarely relieved by nature’s evening plays
of electricity and torrential rains.

Always a blowing breeze across the prairie
dancing alongside trees that surround every dairy
bees buzzing among wildflowers
landing on petals and leaves
during daylight hours

Birdsong brightens the dawn
mothers foster their fawn
colors give way to
an estival festival
of green phenomenon.

18 thoughts on “High Plains Summer

      1. Muchas gracias. Solo un poco de oro y solo hablo un poco de español 😂 Pero, me haces reír y sonreír!


      1. Random is good. It’s Great.
        Never knowing what to expect .. always delightfully surprised 😊
        Even that word expect I’m not really a fan of anymore. I’m practicing non-attachment .. I never ‘expect’ anything. It’s important to me that people do things because they want to not because they have to💃

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      2. Absolutamente! Pensando lo mismo en mi camino a casa 👧
        I know they’d be very cool, never a dull moment, I can feel it💃
        There’s something about you .. can’t quite put my finger on it just yet.
        Maybe it’s the way I feel when I read your stuff; always going ‘Yesss!’ n ‘Omg yesssss!’ to it inside💃🤹‍♀️💃🤹‍♀️ I’m thinking n smiling, ‘He gets it.’
        What does he get? Life, man.
        It’s the way you speak .. it’s how you speak of it. Your depth, your insight, your wisdom. It’s the way you look at the world, its’ lessons, its’ wisdom; it’s how you seem to embrace life, n all it’s ups n downs n all arounds⚘ Not afraid to feel; not afraid at all.
        I just love it. Your awareness.
        It’s just beautiful 💞

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  1. I too stumbled upon my old poetry from when I was a teen .. going through a few of them now lol I’m laughing .. some are very deep, some are so unbelievably corny 🤣😂 Some, extremely insightful, some quite obviously written by a 15 yr old & her as of yet limited point of view & life experience .. the constant involuntary need to rhyme I had 🤣😂
    Every once in a blue moon, pen n paper in hand, I would attempt to delve into my poetic side – without the rhyming – without success loll Then I remembered, ‘Imagination Station,’ a blog I wrote recently for one of the ‘word prompt’ posts.
    Yea, there’s some rhyming, but I really like how it came out. I’ll hafta share it with you sometime 🎉

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  2. Ohh haha k the first part’s a tad corny 🤣😂 “I need a little corny in my life!’
    (Kate Winslet’s character in ‘The Holiday’ to Eli Wallach’s .. he plays an aging movie director who gives her a playlist of some old classics to help her get her mojo back – ‘gumption’ lol Great great character transformation .. from the ‘best friend’ to the ‘leading lady.’ It really inspired me as I was rebuilding. Overall average movie (Meh to Cameron Diaz n Jude Law’s scenes), but the Kate / Eli scenes, to me .. Golden🏅


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