New Monogamy Marketplace

*Best read sideways on mobile devices

Left, right, right, left. Right, left, left, right.
It’s a constant struggle in today’s dating culture.
Swipe left, no that’s not right. Swipe right, now there’s none left.
Rarely tap to see a blurb that is little more than a shell to hide some glaring tell.
Emotionally isolated behind selfies & trapped in projected emotions.
Staged photos, filters, costumes and curated content.
A simple advertisement on the new monogamy marketplace that seems to say
“fuck me, love me but leave me alone.”
Always wanting to meet & be sure
there’s a burning fire if the real & raw feelings occur.
Though, no worries when the match isn’t what it seems
because there’s a batch of potential suitors to scroll.
Constantly searching for an instant ideal & a way to feel complete
drives the desire to just meet them all.
No commitment to any particular person.
Love from one, laughter from another.
No need to face the fear of an uncertain future
Or even be fully present to hear a passionate zeal
from a love that is potentially real.

But today’s artificial selection is great.
Besides, who believes in something as silly as fate?

© 2018 Sean Short

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